Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So long Sean

Today I woke up to the sad news that Sean Smith, aka Vile Rat, was killed in Libya...

I hadn't had contact with Sean until he got elected in the 6th Council of Stellar Management, and all of my interactions with him were in his capacity as a player representative. I was initially full of skepticism about him, never having had the chance to have a conversation with him prior to that, and him being a goon and all.

Yet it became very clear early on that he was just another person, interested in making the game better for everyone, willing to put in the effort and give his perspective on the game, where it should be headed and why. Sean consistently acted in that quality. To put it in his own words take from an early conversation I had with him after he got elected:
You either love the game and want to be a part of the solution or you're just doing this to pick a fight and be a douche. I know my alliance apparently betrays a lot of peoples interest but I do take this very seriously.
And take it seriously he did. He argued, made his points heard, presented rationales, ideas, gave his perspective on any and all topics. Sean was driven and passionate, and that showed...

There is frequently the idea that, because he was a goon, he would only stand for "goon approved" or "goon aligned" ideas, but that was far from the case. Sean was a person of principle and ideals. He defended what he thought was right.

I've had arguments with Sean, quite a few of them actually, but that's what happens when different ideas clash, yet arguments can be had in mutual respect and, in that regard too, he certainly showed himself to be a good person.

We had meals and drinks in Iceland, he was always relaxed but enthusiastic about whatever topic we discussed, always ready for a small joke or anecdote, and always full of ideas that he was more than willing to share.

No matter what players may think of Goonswarm, and whether they know it or not, every Eve Online player owes Sean for his numerous and frequent contributions that helped make the game what it is today.

I will keep the memory of a good human being, one who spoke fondly of his wife and children. I will keep the image of Sean passionately arguing a point in a meeting room while everyone listened...

He will be missed.

My thoughts go out to his wife, children and friends.