Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And so it begins

CSM 6 starts today...

I wasn't sure I'd make it, but I did. I must say I was very happy about that, and a few people were surprised to see me there (which is something I also was happy about :p). So many thanks to everyone who voted for me and spread the word. Thank you, Gracias, Merci ;-)

The composition is really 0.0 heavy this time around:
- Mittani, Goonswarm
- Vile Rat, Goonswarm
- Draco Llasa, Razor,
- Killer2, Morsus Mihi
- White Tree, TEST
- UaxDeath, from xDeathx
- Seleene, AAA
- Trebor, Initiative Mercenaries
and myself, Meissa, Rooks and Kings :-)

There was much yelling on the forums about "0.0 ruining the game for everyone", so here's a few thoughts...

5 people from the same background saying the same thing is not equivalent to 5 people from different backgrounds saying the same thing. If individuals are nothing but mouthpieces for 0.0 and have no opinion or ideas of their own, they're not going to get anything more done, so that's one thing.

Second, despite coming from 0.0 background, I'm pretty sure some of these individuals have interesting things to contribute to things that are not 0.0 centric.

Mittani... Well, Mittens got elected by being his publicly douchebag self. That's a fair and viable election tactic. It got him elected, it worked. How he behaves on the CSM itself very likely will have little to do with how he got there in the first place. That's politics for you.
I know for a fact that he's more than capable of intelligent thought and discourse, is highly motivated, and has a certain well-known quality that will help getting the attention of the population of Eve (and outside of it too I suspect). Those things are a win in my opinion.

We'll see if he's capable of leaving his ego at the door when it comes to having actual live discussion and actually bring something to the discussions in Iceland, but if he doesn't, there's others that are capable on the council.

So far we got everyone talking semi-permanently together (permanent skype convo). Discussing things we agree on, things we disagree on, plans for communications, plans for getting stuff done, I've shared information as to how the CSM functions so everyone can turn their ideas into concrete things after. And we're probing each other a bit to see who thinks what and if we can truly have a unified front. For that's the thing, no matter where we originate from, it's safe to say that everyone wants to improve the game. We have different opinions, but that's a good thing, not a bad one.

While interspersed with lots of "lol, ur gay" moments, it's been 4 days of continuous meeting with the others, and quite productive ones at that.

As far as I'm concerned, I made it clear that I would be "on board" with the rest of the CSM as long as I agreed with what was said and done in my name. Considering the first bits, attempts at reaching a consensus have been seen, information and communication exchanges are happening, so there's a good chance this CSM will prove fruitful. Time will say...

It goes without saying that any proposal that 0.0 delegates oppose will have no chance of getting through (them having more than half the seats), but from the looks of it it's headed more into a direction where they won't oppose what they're not directly interested in, and actually try to provide meaningful input rather, than the opposite.

I will reserve judgment on the delegates until I've had more time to see them in action, so far no red flags...

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