Friday, June 24, 2011

Adding napalm to the fire...

So I've spent the past 16 hours reading forums, posting in 4 languages on different forums, chatting continuously with CCP, with individual players, with my fellow CSM members. Kudos to Trebor Daehdoow, Seleene and Two Step for the continuous and constructive posts throughout the day, btw.

I've tried to put things in perspective, provide constructive feedback to CCP as to how to handle the drama. I might as well have been pissing in the wind...

After lengthy discussions, CCP finally got back to us with a draft devblog for feedback. I was baffled at what I was seeing, I couldn't believe CCP would post that after all we had talked. So I put my thinking cap on again and posted constructively in that thread, mentioning things that needed to be addressed, like "will CCP add items providing in-game advantage to the store" and "this pricing scheme will not work, change it", and asking for data on what the grand plan that was alluded to but never presented actually was.

1 hour later, while still waiting for comments on our feedback, the devblog gets posted, nearly as it was.
Needless to say, I'm fucking pissed. What have I been doing if it's to get ignored?

Specifically, the lack of comments about:

Not going to include items that provide in-game advantages (read: gold ammo) is terrible terrible news, and a total change from past comments from CCP to the CSM.

The pricing scheme, not only is it against our wishes, but it's plain retardedness from CCP as they're not going to accomplish their objective AND are going to alienate part of the playerbase in the process...

The crap performance of CQ and the stated temporary nature of the "do not load station environment" settings.

I don't know how to make CCP reason. They seem hell bent on putting their fingers in their ears and singing in unison "everything's fine and dandy, lalalalalalalalala can't hear you".

I have to think some more about this, but this doesn't smell good...

We're being consulted on the price scheme for the next batch of MT items. If it goes the way of the devblog, well don't hope for too much...


  1. Big props to you and the CSM for hanging in this long, but I don't see anything short of a walkout doing anything of note in this debacle.

  2. Yeah, the whole CSM just walking out would send a real serious message.

  3. If they dont want to hear the player. Some of us could probably make "the Buzz on the Net" and contact/publish on Pres testing game etc ...
    CCP dont care about players opinion, but perhaps they care about opinion's Press.

    En gros n'est il pas temps de faire le buzz sur le net et auprès de la presse spécialisée ?