Thursday, June 30, 2011

Emergency Meeting

Day 1 of the emergency meeting is practically over. Now we have the "informal meetings" that happen over dinner and beer. (No, these are not attempts at buying us off, though I'd love that).

I won't be able to discuss some specifics of the meetings until the thing is over and we've cleared everything, but a status update is in order.

The atmosphere within the attending CSMs was relatively relaxed. Unlike other times, there was no discussion about World of Tanks or other non-CSM things however and all of the time spent yesterday was spent talking about the issues. There is general consensus on the situation with some slight nuances when it comes to specifics.

Today, we started with the "easy stuff". InCarna perception, CQ, Nex Store useability and pricing structure, we also touched up a bit on the 99 dollars program. Tension was present in growing quantities over the day, but the conversations were constructive and not overly confrontational. Points were made clearly and unequivocally, but in a decent atmosphere.

The Employees within CCP who don't participate in the meetings and knew us took the time to discuss aspects of the issues during lunch and breaks, on both sides, either appreciating our perspective or playing devil's advocate or providing mitigating (but still reasonable) points to the discussion.

As far as the meetings are concerned, progress has been made on some points, elements of answers have been found for others. Overall I deemed this day positive with one caveat I will get into after the public announcement has been made (note to self:230).

The toughest day will obviously be tomorrow, and we'll see how that goes, but considering the conversations we've had both with people who will participate to those sessions and others, I have good hope things will turn out fine. Hope I won't be proven wrong.

Sorry for not getting into the gritty details, but it would be unfair to promise or incite to rage either way until things are set in stone.

Now off for debriefing with the CSM delegates. Will update tomorrow.

PS: I don't have *real* internet access, please repost this to the appropriate channels as appropriate.
PPS: Sorry for not answering all your evemails, there was just too many to respond to individually, I read them all up to yesterday.
Stephan aka Meissa Anunthiel


  1. Thank you for a reasonable accounting of the days events. You and Mittani were great in sharing the flavor of the events, while Trebor's fanboy shill blog left quite a bit to be desired.

    I hope that it all works well and you see to be representing us well. I look forward to your next post.

  2. In lieu of a proper and properly detailed report, a Day 2 update along the lines of the Day 1 would be much appreciated.

    As you might imagine, the patience of many is running short; and all they see is more CCP stalling despite the fact it's been reported by at least two that conclusions have been reached and there is something to be released. Best to nip this in the bud by communicating more.