Thursday, October 20, 2011

CCP Layoffs

CCP just laid off 20% of its task force. It's nothing the CSM can really say about it, so these are my personal thoughts...

We still don't have clear answers as to who got laid off, but the first I can see a sizeable part consists in "new" hires and WoD people.
The part that annoys me is that the people responsible are still going to be there to repeat their stupid mistakes.
It's fairly simple... Layoffs happen because cash is not available.
Cash is not available because subscription for Eve are not where they should be, and the growth does not provide indication enough that the prospect are overwhelmingly positive, so investors are not going to poney up cash if there's no good prospect.
The reason the subs are not where they should be is because of 2 failed InCarna expansions. We warned CCP it would happen, employees warned it would happen, and yet they went through with it.
Hilmar may have come forward to take the blame, and that's fine he's the CEO after all, but eventually one has to realize that Hilmar bases his decisions based on more than just himself. "People" had been pushing for that ridiculous plan. Yet they don't seem to have taken any blame for that.

In addition to which NeX could have been a success and a show for growth. Once again the release was botched, and the people responsible for the insane pricing structure are still around.

Bad decisions happen, especially when you try things out. A string of bad decisions in the face of contrary evidence however should result in sanctions.

Lay-offs, if they're unavoidable, are a good opportunity to get rid of the dead weight accumulated over the years. In every company there's people who are redundant, unproductive, and some who got there because of nepotism, sometimes all of the above. On this scale it's unavoidable that good people get eliminated who shouldn't be, but they can be a minority.

It seems that instead of axing the people responsible and the dead weight, CCP managed to botch its round of layoffs as well... Sad...

So once more, good luck and godspeed to the good people at CCP who got axed.

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    The name of the post is my comment. Sorry for the folks working there (although I suspect most will be quietly hired back over the course of the next year) but that was forseeable.